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YouTube Optimization – Choosing Viral Title, Description and tags for better ranking

YouTube Optimization
Written by Prince Salman

As you all know, nowadays SEO becomes the most critical step to rank your content or video in Search Engines. Most of You may know about this, but many friends are getting problem while choosing TITLE, DESCRIPTION, and TAGS for their YouTube Videos. These all steps are known as YouTube Optimization. As it is not much difficult to do Proper SEO of the Videos, but you must know about some of the primary factors which are most Effective factors in ranking your videos. Today I will clear out your Mind through the following central questions:

  • How to Choose best Title / Viral title to Get Ranked on YouTube
  • How to Write Viral Description, Proper Method of writing Description
  • Choosing most proper tags for your videos.

As all above mention questions are the most searchable question on YouTube. Everyone wants to rank his/her video on the very first page. But don’t know how to do this all, Read out my complete article, and you will be able to choose the best title, description, and tags for your video.

YouTube Optimization

SEO is the most common thing on YouTube. It’s mean that Rank your video at the very first page of the YouTube to get more views. The steps are straightforward, but everyone wants the fruit without doing anything. According to my personal experience, “Getting Ranked on YouTube is not much Difficult.” But People think that it is a terrible task to do SEO of your video. For working on YouTube, You just need to choose your Niche first as I declared in my previous article Most Profitable YouTube Niches | Best YouTube Channels Ideas. You can select your niche and also get ideas to choose the name for your channel. After Choosing Channel name and your niche, you must create your videos. To Work on YouTube, you must follow these steps I mentioned below:

  1. Choose the best niche for Your work
  2. Choose the best name for your Channel
  3. Proper Settings for YouTube channel
  4. Creating Videos for your channel
  5. Uploading your videos to YouTube
  6. To do Proper SEO of Your Videos.

The last step Proper SEO of your Videos is our today topic. As I declared in the first paragraph, we will talk about choosing the title, description, and tags for your videos. So without wasting your time let’s start our topic.

How to Choose Title, and Tags for Your Videos

Now we will talk about choosing title and tags for your videos. Description writing is not much tricky, so we will talk about it later.
Choosing Title is an art, like fun. You can do proper keyword research, or if you don’t want to do keyword research, then you should do the searching. Yes, searching is not so tricky just open YouTube and write anything about your video. I.e., one focus keyword. Focus keyword is the main keyword of your video, i.e., my keyword is YOUTUBE OPTIMIZATION. We will search this keyword in YouTube; YouTube will show some of the most searchable titles. Watch in the Screenshot on the left side. We will select our title from these appearing claims.


Choosing Tags is also same as choosing Title. You just have to put some keywords in tags option which are related to your video.

“Don’t copy other people’s tags as it is not much effective work.”

Make your tags for better ranking. If You Don’t want to make, your tickets just do this step. Open GOOGLE.COM and search your main keyword. Scroll down to the bottom of your page, and you will find Related Searches Option to your keyword. Copy all the searches and put into your video tags. These are the most suitable tags for your videos. You must read out them before putting in your videos.

Writing Description for your videos

Now we will talk about writing the description for your videos. This is the most critical part of our Video RANKING factor. If you want to write a convincing and attractive description for your video Then Here is your solution. I am sharing a Template of description with you, you just need to do some changing in it, and then your description is ready.

Don’t Put Your Keywords in The description box as it is considered as spam into YouTube. According to YouTube latest Policy, you can’t put Keywords in Description.

Try to cover your keywords in tags and title. If you wish to put your keywords in description. Write it in the sentence. For Example: if I want to put My keyword “SEO” in the description then I will put it as “Proper SEO is not the difficult thing as I mentioned in my video” like this you can use as many keywords in your description. Now here is your Template for Video Description.

Download Video Description Template

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