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Download latest YouTube Earning Course in Urdu-Hindi

Download latest YouTube Earning Course in Urdu-Hindi
Written by Prince Salman

YouTube is a video sharing platform where you can share your videos or can watch videos shared by millions of peoples. Now You can earn money from YouTube. Yes, it is possible, Download latest YouTube Earning Course in Urdu-Hindi and give your passion a way. This course will guide you how to earn money from YouTube in less time. In This course, you will learn

  • How to start work on YouTube From Basic to advance level
  • How to Get viral content
  • And How to Promote your channel free

All the topic are discussed in this course. The course instructor is PRINCE SALMAN is a YouTuber and earn a considerable revenue from YouTube. He shared his case study in this course to get 50000 views in Less time.

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Overview of YouTube Earning Course

Here is the complete overview of course:

  4. How to Find Best Niche TO Work On.
  5. How to Create Youtube Channel
  6. How TO Design Professional Logo And Clip Art
  7. How to Set youtube Channel Art.
  8. How to Set aYouTube Channel Profile Picture.
  9. How to Enable Monetization.
  10. How to Apply For Hosted AdSense.
  11. How to Get Approved AdSense For YouTube.
  12. How to Attached Your Previous Channel With Your AdSense.
  13. Branding Of YourYoutube Channel.
  14. How to Setup Upload Default Settings properly.
  15. How to add your Targeted Keywords in your channel for better search results.
  16. What is Featured Channel and how we can use it to increase our engagements?
  17. How to Get A Custom URL For Your YouTube Channel.
  18. How to add Channel Description Properly.
  19. How to add Your social media Links in YouTube Channel
  20. What Is Keyword Research and how to do it properly
  21. What is Content ID and how its works.
  22. Types of Strikes That A Newbie face who does not know how to works on YouTube.
  23. WHAT IS Community Guideline Strike, Copy Right Strike, Provide Commercial Usage Rights.
  24. What Are Screen Recorder and how to use them.
  25. How to record videos using any screen recorder.
  26. How to Edit Videos In other screen recorders.
  27. How to Record Videos Using Camtasia Video Studio.
  28. How to Edit and produce Professional & High-Quality Videos In Camtasia Video Studio.
  29. How to Create Professional Thumbnails for YouTube Videos.
  30. How to upload Videos on YouTube with proper method.
  31. What is Tube Rank Jeet 2 and How to Install it and use it
  32. video S.E.O for YOUTUBE & GOOGLE?(video Ranking)
  33. How to Submit Your Videos To Google.
  34. How TO Setup a Full S.E.O Optimized Blog For Videos Promotion Or a Brand.
  35. Full Training From Creating a blog to promoting a blog with all strategies that work.
  36. Facebook Groups, Facebook pages
  37. Thumbnails Role In Videos Promotion
  38. How to Work With Facebook Fan Page To Promote Youtube Videos
  39. Secret Tricks To get Life TIme Traffic From Facebook
  40. How to Use Facebook Groups TO Get Traffic
  41. BONUS VIDEO: How TO Make Money From Facebook
  42. How to Create Stumble Upon Profile
  43. How to work on Stumble
  44. How To get Views And website hits From Stumble Upon.
  45. Tips and Tricks About Stumble.
  46. How to Increase Twitter Followers
  47. How to work On Twitter
  48. How to Get Traffic for a website/blog from Twitter
  49. How to Create Pinterest Profile
  50. How to work On Pinterest
  51. How to Get Traffic for a website/blog from Pinterest
  52. How To Increase Youtube Channels VIEWS, SUBSCRIBERS, And User Engagement up to 750% By just Using ANNOTATIONS.
  53. What are Annotations.
  54. Benefits Of using Annotations
  55. Creation Youtube Annotations
  56. Advanced Tips And Tricks About Annotations
  57. And Much more About Annotations
  58. How to use others Videos on our YouTube Channel.
  59. What is a Trend?
  60. How to Find a Trending Video?
  61. How to Work With Trending Videos.
  62. How to Work With Tuts Videos.
  63. How to Check Youtube Earning In Adsense,
  64. What Is CPC?
  65. What is CTR?
  66. What is CPM?
  67. What is RPM?
  68. How to Verify Adsense without pin
  69. How to Withdraw Funds from AdSense If Your Balance is Below 100$
  71. How to File a Copyright Strike To YOUTUBE For Removing Your Content That Was
  72. Reuploaded by Another Youtube user.
  73. How to Fix NOT ELIGIBLE for monetization Issue
  74. I create My Own videos But YOUTUBE did not Monetize My videos.
  75. How to Increase Youtube Income In Legal ways.

Download YouTube Earning Course in Urdu

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