WhatsApp Launches A Separate App for Small Businesses

WhatsApp Launches A Separate App for Small Businesses
Written by Prince Salman

The WhatsApp has launched a separate allocated app for small businesses through which short-term business women and gentlemen will stay in touch with their customers. The WhatsApp has currently released it for Andrews Smartphone.

In which, WhatsApp Business app specializes in business and trade-related profiles and details. They can also include the business introduction, email address, and website address.

The WhatsApp Business App also has Smart Messaging Tools

The app also has smart messaging tools a chart of instant answers, absence messages, and sending, reading and receiving messages can also be seen. Interestingly, both WhatsApp and WhatsApp businesses can be played on the same phone. However, different numbers will be required for registration. The WhatsApp Business App can also open on its desktop version.

This WhatsApp will be like Green Verification Seed.

The business account in the app will be very clearly seen. The WhatsApp has said that if a business account and WhatsApp account match, a badge will be added to their profile. This WhatsApp will be like Green Verification Seed.

Although the WhatsApp has not yet published its history for IOS. Currently, the WhatsApp business is being offered to Indonesia, Mexico, United Kingdom and the United States.

The WhatsApp Introduced Its Business App

People use the WhatsApp to connect people with a small business around the world. They are related to online clothing companies in Brazil and which are auto parts reserves in Brazil. The WhatsApp was made for those people whose want to improve their business experience. So today we are starting WhatsApp Business – Free Android app for small businesses.

People can be able to continue using WhatsApp normally – no need to download a new one. And WhatsApp Business will make people easier, and simpler, with them, and vice versa.

The WhatsApp Business App is available today on Google Play free to download. In Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Ukraine, and America, in the coming weeks, the App is roaming around the globe.

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