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WhatsApp banned in China – China stops WhatsApp messages

China has shut down the popular WhatsApp messaging service.

Beijing: China’s leading service- WhatsApp has been banned in China

According to news, China has also blocked the social networking links of Facebook and WhatsApp after the Instagram websites. Some of the users in China have written on Twitter that they have not reached the WhatsApp since last week and they face problems with unrestricted closure. The report states that since September 19, the WhatsApp has lost a large number of users from the messaging facility, while the Chinese government has not officially announced the closure of the WhatsApp despite passing a week.

It is clear that in 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp when the Instagram is also owned by Facebook. In addition to the US social media websites in China, internet search engine Google and its services have also been suspended.

China stops WhatsApp messages

Chinese officers have strictly stopped the WhatsApp messaging app in the next phase to strengthen the sensor because they are ready for a low communist party Congress next month.

Users in China have reported massive barriers in the Facebook-owned service in recent days, which have already deteriorated in the country in the summer. Experts said issues have begun on Sunday, although text messages, audio calls and video calls are re-working on Tuesday, although audio messages and photos were not going on.

WhatsApp message provides encryption technology that does not forgive Chinese officials possibly, which monitor and restrict CyberSpace through their “great firewall.” Many Chinese workers have endorsed the closing encryption work of the end of the voicemail on message-sending apps via their message. China has tightened this online police this year, to enforce new rules, tech companies have allowed to store user data and ban the restrictions as well.

Chinese cyberspace regulators told Monday that they killed “maximum and more” genes on Chinese media companies Baidu and Tencent to allow pornography, violence and other types of prohibited material on the social media platform. A number of genes were not disclosed.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Patrick and foreign media have been killed for many years.

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