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The Fastest and Streaming Human Device Genome

Fastest and Streaming Human Device Genome

This device that is called Minion is so small to easily fit into the pockets. The article is about DNA and Genes. The DNA and the Human Genome device is most important for the modern times. British scientists use a short pocket device with high speed of human genome and are extremely successful in succession series. While at the same time, they also discovered some places in the human genome that were not seen before. Specifically, the accuracy rate of this entire process is more than 99.8% which shows a very significant progress in this modern field.

The Research Journal published in the latest online publication of “Natural Biotechnology” According to the details of this success, experts from the team used the manual device made by “Oxford Nanopurope Technology” company (Minion). While conducting a human genome, the work was performed at five different experiments at once.

The main author of this research report is Dr. Matthew Loose who belong to Nottingham University, UK. He told in an email that if a “minion” device was used in this process, it would take 100 days to complete the human genome. But since this work was done in five experiments at a time and five minions were used in every laboratory, that’s why this work is completed in 2 to 3 weeks (approximately twenty days).


Appearance and Mood of the Risks Related Diseases

It is clear that the details of any person from the person’s appearance and mood to the risks related to specific diseases, its “genome” The genes are protected in gene Collections. Which itself consists of DNA and 23 pairs of chromosomes (i.e. total 46 chromosomes) half of which are found by the person’s father and the remaining half (heritage) from her mother.

So far 24 thousand genes have been discovered in humans While the full genome reading process is called “genome chaining” (genome securing). However, the entire human genome consists of approximately 3 billion 20 million DNA units. That’s why it takes a lot of time to fully read the human genome, but this process is very complicated.

This Is A Long and Complex Process

How long are this process and complex? It can also be estimated that dozens of experiments participated in the “Human Genome Project” started in 1990. However, the process of conducting the genome of human genome took place 15 years, while the entire project cost $2 billion to $70 billion.

However, if somehow the genome securing technology has high speed, low cost and high accuracy not only will it be easy to identify all the diseases at an individual level, but every person will be the most suitable medicine according to its genetic make-up.

Using the “Minion”, the most accurate sequence of the human genome is an important breakthrough.


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