A special Watch that keeps Hot in the winter And Cold in the Summer

A special Watch that keeps Hot in the winter And Cold in the Summer
Written by Prince Salman

The Aircon watch keeps the human body hot in winter and cold in summer.

The day is not far when you are bound to air-condition and heater on your wrist, which will keep your body cool in summer warm and winter because the experts have speculated a clock named Aircone Watch. They claim that this clock keeps the body cold or warm by reaching the feeling of heat and cold through the wrist.

Aircone watch also has a personalized air-conditioned name which can cause cold or heat throughout the body. This clock has been made after the research that if a part of the skin is gradually cold or hot, its effect spreads to the whole body.

This System Excludes Cold and Hot in Different conditions

From Hong Kong designer, whose straps are cold and hot waves, there is an exhaustive pulse system, this system excludes cold and hot in different conditions, especially by the human pulse cold and hot signals. This type of nervous system seems to control body temperature, thus interfering in the nervous system reduces body temperature or less.

According to the company, the secret of this clock is in its straps, which has a small device
based on the temperature moves through the veins, they keep the clock in any season, anytime and place can be used.

Aircone Watch is a clock with a display of 400 mAh, which provides 4 hours cold and 8 hours for heat, according to the company, it has been tested on different people, clock cost is $75. Which will be available until this year’s end.
A glove was made before it was cold water that cooled the blood and helps the body to cool.

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