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What is SEO process? Explanation of Complete SEO Process | How Does SEO work?

What is SEO process? Explanation of Complete SEO Process | How Does SEO work?
Written by Prince Salman

Today we will talk about all the necessary techniques which are used by experts. In Simple words, this whole method known as SEO PROCESS. In this article we will talk about:

  • How Does SEO Work
  • Explanation of SEO process

these are the most common question among all the learner/newbies. When you come into SEO field, You have to know about all its process. But the very first Question is WHAT IS SEO? I already write a brief article on this topic, What is SEO and How Does it Work? You must read it before reading this article. Now we will talk about

What is SEO process?

Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in our online life. If you have a website or youtube channel, SEO is the most important thing in this. While Search engine process is the method through which you can drive traffic to your website or video. First, clear your mind that your site will not rank for all keywords which you select. The complete process is

  1. Find your interest
  2. Chose the best niche for you interest
  3. Do Keyword Research
  4. Chose the most suitable DOMAIN for your site
  5. Do Proper SEO

This is the process you need to follow while starting your work on site. If you didn’t get it then I will recommend you to watch out my complete video in URDU/HINDI on this topic.

How Does SEO work?

If you search For “WALLPAPERS” in google, then the result you get the first number. that is the power of SEO. SEO can rank your site first in GOOGLE or any other search engine. In My case “WALLPAPERS” is a keyword and the Selected Site is the result of SEO.

If you don’t know the SEO then you don’t need to do work online. Well, here is the end of my topic. Now watch the complete Explanation in URDU/HINDI


SEO is most important thing for your site. You must have knowledge about SEO. If you want to rank your site first in google then I am sharing all SEO lectures free for you, you must have to subscribe my channel To get new lectures at once. THANKS

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