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Large Sharing of Online Files is Now Very Easy

Large Sharing of Online Files is Now Very Easy

The dropbox is a popular website for which you can go to www.dropbox.com freelance accounts. Although it is not completely available for free, however, up to two gigabytes of files you can store with free and share with others. You can also store a file to a terribly at one time at this service, but for that you have to pay a few times a month.

After uploading a file, it can be shared with other friends, and it will press the share button in the web interface. If you are using the drop-down version of the drop-down, click Wright to share. Tap a drop-down arrow at the exact equivalent of the phone app, a menu will open. On this you can choose the name from your Contacts list, type your email, and then the recipient will get a file sharing link with an e-mail link and no need to create a dropbox account. Will be. You can also have a password or a fixed time option on this link.

If you have two computer or mobile devices, file can be synced or shared on both platforms from one account.

Try Google Drive


In the Google Email Account presence, you will be entitled to Google Drivers who provide 15 GB free space. Even if they are for desktop or for applications but if you need a space for more files, you can buy 100 gigabytes space in just two dollars a month, while a tarabite in $10 and 10 terabite Can get space Through this you can send a 5 terrabite file at a time.

Downloading the File to Your Friend’s Email Address

You can send a link to downloading the file to your friend’s email address by clicking the Share button on the Web interface. In this case your friend does not need to have a Gmail account or a Google drive installed. However, if they want to work or edit online on the file, the recipient must also have a Google Drive account. Like a dropbox, you can share and sync the same file on two or more platforms.

Mozilla send

Mozilla has recently launched the option of ‘Mozilla’, a browser maker, which can easily share files less than one gigabytes. Interestingly, the sand’s service is not only for Firefox but also for every browser.

Open any browser ‘Sand Web Patch’ for it and drag it to the file by dragging the file or clicking on the File button. This link will either end up in 24 hours or will disappear from there after downloading. Analysts have appreciated this option of Mozilla and you should try Free and Fast “WeTransfer”


You can upload and share large files with a faster transfer via V-transfer. Through this web service, you can share up to two Gigabytes of free files, while Vee Transfer Plus’s monthly fee is $10 and provides file sharing up to 20 GB. There is also an option to save this file from password and to be explicit at specific time.


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