The iPhone introduced the User’s Medical Record Facility

The iPhone introduced the User's Medical Record Facility
Written by Prince Salman

The iPhone introduced the User’s Medical Record Facility. Lab Test Reports, Medicines, medical examination results will be updated annually. Apple simultaneously introduces the medical record facility to its iPhone while making it easier for users’ convenience.

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CEO of the leading technology company “Apple” Jeff Williamson said in a statement, Apple has tested users’ updates to set up their medical records in the ‘Health App’ of iPhone. Initially, patients of 12 different hospitals in the US will be able to see their medical record on the smartphone.

Updates have been made in IOS 11.3 BT Version

These Updates have been made in IOS 11.3 BT version. In the Update section, the medical data available from the hospitals and clinics will be found at this health app at the same time and will be able to see it whenever they want. Apple says medical data and information will be protected through a user’s passcode code.

Medical Record is kept on Various Online Websites and Apps

At this time, the patient’s medical record is kept on various online websites and apps, and at the time the patient needs to go to different websites, collect medical information, which takes time to time, but now in this new update, the user has many relevant institutions Medical reports can be found at the same time at once.

The Lab Will Update The Reports

For instance, the lab will update the reports, medicines, medical examination results, and other medical issues related issues, and a notification will also be issued for the notification. Jeff Williamson further says that new updates aim to keep consumers aware of their health so that they can be able to spend better every day, we are going to experience this with the Health community so that consumers can get their medical Keep your data stored on your smartphone with data and full security.

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