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How to Increase Backlinks on Your Blogs Complete guide

How to Increase Backlinks on Your Blogs
Written by Prince Salman
When you talk about SEO backlinks, of course comes off page SEO. Necessary backlinks especially for the flow of search engine results PAGES (SERPs), Google and other search engines evaluate the many ways to arrange your site in the SERPs including a large number of Backlinks Factor blog/site. In this post we will talk about how to better improve the level of SEO and How to Increase Backlinks on Your Blogs.

What is Backlink?

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, Incoming links and in links are incoming links to a site or a webpage. In other words, the return link is the link which is received by a website from other sites. Inbound links can increase the quality of the movement directly indirectly, blog search through social exchange and biological research.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks is one of the factors that search engines rank your site in the SERPs. After connecting several sites that will be able to get traffic that will improve your Alexa Ranking, Google Page Rank, and vision in the search engines and more. In the next floor I mentioned some of the ways to build a quality backlink to your blog 1: Write Guest Post Guest Post is the best way to link the return of the popular blog or blogs that have high page rank (PR). Writing for others, and in return you will be rewarded with a link [strong Do follow and anchor text of your choice. Do follow links are very important in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). Here in the NBL we will offer two links to the client. A review of the rules here. So do it right, it is suitable wherever possible. 2: Linking Internal Post You can also build their own backlinks they themselves blog by linking internal messages. This means that the URL to a position-post your blog. But results in excessive spam and you can be punished. So do it right where able not enough, so it will be easier for search engines like Google to track the pages faster. 3: Design Widgets and Templates This is the most popular method to get free quality Backlinks from different locations. If you know of coding you can design your own widgets and the establishment of the sample stores where you can put a link to your website and increase the backlinks. You may have seen some samples that provide free samples of low credit Association for non-removable store. Generating hundreds of backlinks one model. Similarly, you can your widgets and design blogger generate a lot of backlinks. 4: Write Unique and Most Love Content There are better ways to increase the organic traffic from search engines, but by writing quality content. It is said that “content is king.” You must publish content on the basis of your case, which is still waiting for users or content that helps uniqueness. Campaign content to be shared by users on various social networking sites. This method generates traffic to your web site from various social networking sites that have high PR 5: Social Media Promotion I Hope You have Create an account on Social media which purpose you are using your social media account? Without any doubt just talk another people just share your picture on it. Why are not you using to share your post much it. If you this you get result in the form of visitors. You can share a post on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, google plus LinkedIn etc. 6: Directory Submission There are many web directories on the Internet where you can get your website listed after the deposit of your website name, description, etc. After these directories list your site in the most appropriate category. Popular directories are,, which is evidence of human liberation. You can also submit your site to Google, Bing and others to crawl and indexing. Therefore, it will give the background along with a lot of traffic. 7: Blog Commenting I suggest this thing especially for novice bloggers who have low traffic, Alexa ranking, not page rank. This is because most of the blog and added that the comments attributed no follow links. However, you can comment on this blog with links that use Comment or Keyword suspension system, but can lead to the suspension of excessive unwanted messages can reach your blog via Google algorithm called Google Penguin.

Final Word

Even men this was an introduction to the Link means to generate it. Especially for beginners should try. I hope this article will help you gain knowledge and the importance of backlinks and ways to get links to your swamp.

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