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Human Body-Facing Camera Ready

Scientists are busy to diagnose lung diseases and preparing modern equipment for their treatment. British scientists have developed a medical camera that can help with the appearance in human body.

This Cameras are Very Important in The Field of Medicine

According to media reports, Kaf Dhulaval, professor of the University of Edenburgh, Managing Director Imaging & Health Care Technology, says that this cameras are very important in the field of medicine, because with this they can be seen within the human body.

Examining The Internal Organs of The Human Body

Professor Kaf Dhulaval said that the main objective of developing this camera is to assist doctors in examining the internal organs of the human body. According to them, doctors examine various medical devices inside the body to examine the human organs, which are called endoscopy, but it is difficult for them to find out where the device reached and positioned. Doctors have to use X-ray and other expensive methods to review progress during endoscopy.

Doctors Will Now Be Able To Get Acquainted With The Exact Position

However, with this new camera, doctors will now be able to get acquainted with the exact position of the device during endoscopy and better be able to complete the patient’s examination. This camera can detect the presence of 20cm in light of normal conditions and since the tubes used in the oven scope are liters, this detects the position of the camera tube immediately. It is clear that scientists are engaged in attempts to develop and develop modern devices for diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases, and this camera is a sequence of similarities.

New medical camera is able to see the light from the inside of the human body

Scientist at the UK University of Edenburgh recently developed an imaging medical camera, which is capable of detecting light sources through human resources. This camera is designed to improve the doctors that are called endocopy, which are used to investigate internal conditions. This can do this by detecting the bright end of flexible endoscopes cable.

Dr. Mike Tanner, a research associate of Edinburgh’s Cine Medical Research Institute told digital trends. We have developed a way to determine the medical device location using Tissue using a advanced camera technology. “The principle is that some light passes through the tissue, as soon as a torch is held behind your hand. However, the amount of light passing is very low, and the structure of tissue losing all such useful information In light of light, light or bonus gives light. To solve this, we use a camera that is so serious that it can also see the light of individual particles and photocopying. The first light has spread at least and tells us the location of the device.

By now, doctors will have to use expensive and potentially harmful scans to detect the internal location of the endocopes, such as the need to track the investigation of the investigation within X-ray patients. The new imaging camera has been able to replace thousands of single-fast detectors used on a single silicon chip to track the light point location by 20 cm tissue under regular lighting conditions.

It is part of a wide range of aspects with the help of Heriot-Watt University and Bath University, which has been dedicated to the development of new technologies for diagnosis and treatment of lung disease.

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