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Get Rid Of The Poison Of The Smartphone; But How?

It’s hard to get rid of poisoning of the Smartphone, but not impossible. Overall dependence on the Smartphone and tablet etc., and the feeling of non-living is generally called “Smartphone is poisoning,” details of which are described earlier in a report.

Are You Suffering From Poisoning Of Smartphone?

Below are some practical steps you can take by protecting yourself from the smokers of Smartphone. Throughout the world, these methods are called “Smartphone poisonous” (Smartphone the talks).

Initially, this action will take you very careful, because you are toxic and drunk, but with dignity and consistency, you will feel incredible results yourself. What are the essential tips for The Smartphone Talks? Please see:

Upgrade change

Reduce the use of Smartphone in the habit of cutting. An interesting way to keep the Smartphone in front of you and try not to touch it for 5 to 15 minutes. When this work is easy, then increases the duration, increase the temperature by 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour, but keep doing this even if the use of Smartphone is restricted to only the necessary tasks.

Socialize with friends

There will be dozens of friends, not every one of us, so many of us on social media, but in an invitation or party where your friends and relatives are actually present, give Smartphone live in the pocket and meet to friends.

Do not frequently check email and social media statuses

Email today is a major source of mutual interaction, but it is not accurate to check repeatedly and timely email using Smartphone. It will be better to test the email at the same time when needed. Beware yourself that you will not be able to check the email immediately by checking in the night, even if it does not have the most urgent need. All suggestions are also being given regarding social media, which is consumed more often than consumers in an email.

Work at Working Time

When working in the office or studying at school, college, university, etc., while splitting the profile of a Smartphone, keep it closed in the pocket or at the end; try to imagine that you have a Smartphone Not available. Remember that while working at the time of work and leisure at the date of fun, by adopting the principle of entertainment you can improve both your professional life and education. And in this case, if your Smartphone is proving your enemy, keep it aside.

Notify the “Off” notification

From social media to news websites, today the “Notification of Focus” is very loud. It means that if you have a 3G or Wi-Fi connection working on your Smartphone, but you are not surfing on any web site or social media, you can still update the status of news, message or close friend. In the case of a Smartphone, the sounds like a bell that attracts you. You immediately hit the Smartphone and see what the “new” has come. Each app also may turn off a notification, if you use it, you will be able to cancel it. This will not interfere with your Smartphone in your life.

Observe that any mentioned above is not directly related to technology but with the habit and temperament due to which the flood of technology has become dominant to us. It is also evident that you will do the work of “Smartphone de Talks,” and no app is available for it (and may not be required).


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