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Creating YouTube Video Ideas that go Viral

Creating YouTube Video Ideas that go Viral
Written by Prince Salman

Creating YouTube Video Ideas that go Viral. YouTube is world second largest search engine; you will search on YouTube for videos idea. Have you ever thought you could earn money from YouTube? If yes then you have the better idea how you can make Money? But if your answer is No then you have to read out my article on Download latest YouTube Earning Course in Urdu-Hindi as this article will give you the complete idea about YouTube earning.

Well in this article we are going to talk about YouTube videos ideas that go viral. If you want to understand this term in Siple words then you can say, I am going to share some pure thoughts that Go Viral on YouTube and get more views instead of simple videos. In this article, I will provide you video creation ideas to help you make massive subscribers, leads and good money in short time.

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Creating YouTube Video Ideas that go Viral

Now I am going to share the most popular ideas of videos creation for YouTube that Go viral in minutes.  The primary objective of this article is to learn the techniques, tips, and strategies for the process to create successful YouTube channel in multiple niches.

1 – Creating Viral Fan Reaction Videos

What are reaction Videos?

The videos in which one person or a group giving the reaction of any video, content or site are called reaction videos.These videos are made to express to feelings of specific person or group about any particular video, movie, content or website.

Types of Viral Reaction Videos

  1. Short Film Video Reactions
  2. Scary Pranks reactions
  3. Food Reaction Videos
  4. Reacting to Reactions

If You wish to create a YouTube Reaction channel, then you have to

  • Get Permission From Original Uploaders or use Creative common videos
  • Use clips and different source materials to give attraction to your video.
  • Try to use language which can be understood even by a countryman

How to create Reaction Videos?

  1. Download the video in HD resolution
  2. Record your reaction using the webcam or android mobile whatever you use.
  3. Use Video editing software which you can use efficiently. (Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Adobe after effect, etc.)
  4. Try to merge your original video as PIP ( Picture in Picture )
  5. Then export and upload

Viral Fan Reaction Videos Example

2 – Reviewing Popular Slide share presentations

What is Slide Share?

SLIDESHARE is a slide hosting service, owned by LinkedIn. It allows users to upload files, i.e., PowerPoint, PDF, open document presentations, etc. These slides can be views on this or can be embedded on any other site.

How to Create Slide Show Videos

  1. Use any favorite screen recorder (Camtasia, SnagIt, or any other screen recorder)
  2. Start any slide share PPt and enlarge it to full screen
  3. Record your voice over by speaking what is written on that slide. Only talk whatever written there
  4. Give proper credit in video description while uploading your video to YouTube.

Reviewing Popular Slide Share presentation Example

3 – Announcing Industry News

What are NEWS videos?

News Videos Focuses on showcasing the latest trending news and updates which you can read out on GOOGLE trend.

How to Create News videos?

  1. Go to BBC news or any other news website or blog
  2. Pick up the most popular news from there
  3. Find pictures related to that news
  4. Create a slideshow in PowerPoint
  5. Record video using any screen recorder
  6. Speak all the news as it is on that blog
  7. This is the method to create News Videos

News Videos Idea/Example

4 – Making explainer videos that engage viewers

What are explainer Videos?

Explainer videos help in describing or letting audiences know about a specific topic.

How to create Explainer Videos?

  1. To create explainer videos, you need a paid tool called Video scribe.
  2. You can also create slideshow based videos, but hand drawings videos can go viral in less time.
  3. You can collect information from Wikipedia or WikiHow and can use that information
  4. Don’t forget to give credit in video description

Explainer Video Example

5 – Remixing Creative Commons Videos from YouTube

First, we will talk about Creative Commons license there are four types of license explained below:

  • Attribution: You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform your copyrighted work and derivative works based upon it. But only if they give credit the way you request.
  • Non-Commercial: You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform your work and derivative works based upon it. But only for non- commercial purpose
  • No Derivative Works: You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform just verbatim copies of your work, not derivative works based upon it.
  • Public Domain Dedication: The person who associated a work with this deed has dedicated the work to the public domain by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights, to the extent allowed by law. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

How to remix Creative Commons Videos?

  1. Download Creative Commons Videos from Vimeo
  2. Use any video editor from GOOGLE (SONY VEGAS, AFTER EFFECT or CAMTASIA)
  3. Convert Your Video in Black and white or Just apply any filter on it.
  4. Export Your video and upload it to YouTube
  5. Write Your Video title as <Video title> Black and white version

Example of creative commons videos remixing

6 – Leveraging the unboxing videos

How to create the unboxing videos

  1. As soon as you buy a product, you can record yourself unwrapping the product and taking a video of it.
  2. If you become a famous You Tuber, companies will send products to you to create unboxing videos and pay you for this.

Unboxing video Example

7- New Concepts for Pranks or Parody Videos

How to Create Pranks Videos?

  1. Just Google it “Harmless pranks.”
  2. Get idea from there
  3. Make a list of favorite pranks from them
  4. Record yourself making jokes
  5. Upload it to YouTube.

Example of Pranks Videos

Example of Parody Video

8 – Great Ideas for movie, Book, Character reviews

How to get information movie, Book, Character?

  1. Go to ( A informative website like Wikipedia)
  2. Search anything. You want to like “Fast And Furious.”
  3. Now you will get all the information about movie, its characters and also About book if any written on it
  4. Use this information to make your video, and this information is free of cost
  5. I am giving an example which will describe completely

Example of Movie and Book Review

9 – Creating ridiculous challenge videos

How to create challenge videos?

  1. Try to challenge yourself with any quiz you can’t solve or try to attempt any work you think any of your friends can’t do it same.
  2. Record yourself while doing this stuff
  3. Upload this video to YouTube
  4. SEE yourself going viral

Example of challenge Video

10 – Best concepts for “Chipmunk” style music Videos

How to create Chipmunk style music Videos?

  1. Go to Audio Library YouTube from your creator panel
  2. Choose and download a free song to monetize
  3. Use any audio editor to change the pitch of the song to sound it like CHIPMUNK. (Audacity)
  4. Download any NCS cartoon video
  5. Merge song and video together
  6. Upload this video to YouTube and Get Result

Example of Chipmunk Style Music Video

11 – Re-enacting videos From famous movies

How to create Re-enacting videos?

  1. Get script of any famous scene from any Movie
  2. Write the script in Word or in NOTEBOOK.
  3. Start your webcam or camera
  4. Read the script and try to react against script like you watch in movies.
  5. Upload this video and Go Viral

Example of Re-acting Video

12 – Become the FB, Twitter, Pinterest or any social media post commentator

How to Make Videos?

  1. Login To Your social media account ( In My Case Take Facebook)
  2. Choose any trending post you wish to comment on
  3. Now open that post in new Tab or enlarge your screen
  4. Record your screen while you commenting on that post
  5. Upload that video to YouTube with post link
  6. And wait to Go Viral

13- Conduct a Q&A session about anything

How to Conduct a Q&A session about anything?

  1. Go to
  2. Pick any question from there
  3. Make slideshow video on the answer to that question
  4. You can get answers in the comments
  5. Try to choose 3 to 4 answers and make slideshow
  6. Upload that video to YouTube with question in title

Creating YouTube Video Ideas that go Viral In Urdu/Hindi

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