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How to Create An Autoblog In WordPress – AutoBlogging In 2017

How to create an Autoblog In WordPress: As you all know, nowadays Autoblogging is increasing very fast. Many friends ask the question related to this field what is Autoblogging and how we can do auto blogging? Well, I have the answers to all your questions which am going to share in this article. Autoblogging is not much difficult. You can say that it is the easiest way to earn a massive revenue fro the online source. What you are going to learn in this course is:

  • What is Autoblogging and how to do it properly?
  • How to Generate High Traffic for your Autoblog>

These are the central concepts of this class which I am going to share here. Let me clear you something that this course is in Urdu/Hindi language so if you don’t understand Then, please don’t watch this session.

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How to Create An Autoblog In WordPress

Now you are thinking about Creating Autoblog, but Before starting You need to understand this term completely. For that, I am going to start from the start. The very first question that appears in mind is

Things we need to start the work

As everyone thinks that auto blogging is terrible and we need a considerable amount [Money] to spend on it or there are many things we need to start work.The Things You Need To do auto blogging are:

  2. Working Internet Connection
  3. Patience
  4. Little Bit Investment

Why we Need Investment?

We need investment in case we want to do work on WORDPRESS. IN that case, you Need Hosting and Domain. To GET CHEAPEST CLOUD HOSTING FOR AUTO BLOG with Free Domain name Just Go to FALCONHOSTER. They offer cloud hosting in best prices.

What is auto Blogging?

A blog creating automatically content on it from different sources at specific intervals of time is known as Auto Blog. and this whole process is called auto blogging. There are two types of Auto Blogging.

  1. Simple Auto Blogging
  2. Auto Event Blogging

Simple Auto Blogging

When creating a blog, and do some work on it like using some plugins, that plugins generate auto content on the blog that is called auto blogging. You will better understand it in my upcoming videos.

Event Blogging

Event Blogging: In simple words, if you create a blog on upcoming event like

  • New year Event for 2018
  • Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s day
  • Eid-ul-Fitr
  • Eid-Ul-Azha
  • Ramadan
  • Independence day
  • 14th August For Pakistan
  • 15th August For India

then this is called Event blogging thus Auto Event Blogging is to create a blog which generates auto content on any event blog related to that event.

In This course you are going to learn AUTO EVENT BLOGGING IN URDU/HINDI

Steps to Start Work On Auto Event Blogging

To start work on Auto Event Blogging, I arrange all these methods in 8 steps which I am going to describe below.

1- Finding an Event

To Find an event you have to understand that there are hundreds of occasions on which you can work. For proper work, you must know the type of activities. Let me talk about some of the events.

Sports Events

Sports Events Example

This type of events includes all kinds of sports whatever it is; It can be Cricket, Football, Hockey, tennis and Any other sports. You can create a blog on the specific game of can mix up all the sports in one blog. In This picture, you can see the result of Wikipedia is on the first number instead of FIFA’s original website. You can also do the same by creating sports event blog.

Result EventsResult Events ExamplesThis event is primarily for students. If you just create a blog on Result events, You can get high traffic because Viewers can do anything to get/view result info. I am sharing an example of the live blog. You can watch in the given picture. The website just embeds the result from the original site and get ranked in GOOGLE without any copyright strike. Because they provide the source for the original web page and that’s why they have no problem by using this embed code. Sometimes these websites get a better result instead of the original website.

Movie Release Events
Movie Release Events Examples

You can also create a blog in upcoming movies release date or on forthcoming movies news.That kind of blog goes more viral instead of any other blog. You can watch in the screenshot there is a blog having first ranked in google, and It is the simplest blog ever.

Shopping Events

Shopping Events Examples

As You all know Offers attracts everyone. So you can create a blog on Discount offers. Yes, you can get the discount from any source like 50% discount on Daraz.pk or 70% Diwali bonus on Amazon. These types of the blog get viral in shopping sessions.

Worldwide Festivals

These types of blogs include all Local or country based festivals. These festivals can be:

  • Ramzan or EID
  • Charismatic
  • Diwali
  • Holi

I have no example to describe these types of blogs, But I hope you will understand what am I trying to say?

2- Keyword research

Keyword Research For AutoBlogging

Now, After choosing your event, you need to do Keyword research for that type of game. It is easy you can use AHREF, SEMRUSH or Google Keyword Planner to get Your Keyword Data. Also, You Can follow my video to get Idea about keyword researching

3- Making a list of Blogs

Make a list of related blogs

Now you have to make a list of your event related to blogging to get the better idea about your working. You can arrange your file as shown in the screenshot.

4- Creating a Blog

Our 4th step is to create a blog with live posts and publish it on the internet so that viewers can search this blog.

5- Working on your Blog

try to customize your blog a little bit so that it looks attractive and viewers visit your blog again and again on a daily basis.

6- Place ads on your Blog

You can Now put Adsense ads on your blog, or you can use any other ad network to earn money from your blog.

7- Try to rank your blog with different ways

Now after doing all the above stuff just try to make High-Quality backlinks for your blog to get indexed in GOOGLE. Also, share your blog on social media so that people can get awareness about your blog, and your traffic can be increased.

8- Some patience

After doing all these stuff, you need to do some patience to Get the result of your hard work.

How to SET up Your Auto Blog

Now let talk about setting up your blog. It is straightforward you need just one plugin to setup your complete blog. Yes only one plugin named as WP AUTOMATIC.  This plugin is paid on the internet, but you can download it free from below button.

After downloading watch my complete course on it to know how to set up this plugin.

Make Money by Auto Event Blogging In Urdu/Hindi.

After watching this live course you mey got some questions about auto blogging so i have just answered all your questions in the last video. Any Other Question you have in ind just comment down i will try to answer your question.

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