Apple Has Introduced The Best iPhone Models Ever

Apple Has Introduced The Best iPhone Models Ever
Written by Prince Salman

Apple also introduced special model iPhone X when 10 years of iPhone completed.

Apple Technology Co.Ltd. launches three new models of smartphones, including Apple X released on iPhone’s 10th birthday.

The company’s CEO Tim Kick introduced Apple’s latest smartphones in Apple’s new headquarters in Steve Jobs Auditorium in California. Models introduced by Apple include iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Apart from this, Apple’s Special Watch was introduced, which is named Watch series 3.

iPhone X

Apple has released especially an iPhone X (i.e. 10) model on the iPhone’s 10th birthday, which is now being named as the best smartphone. The front screen of the iPhone X is completely made of glasses and its display is Age to Age.

The IP ID has been named for the first time as a face recognition option for locking the phone into iPhone X. The home button was not given on the phone while it included a 12-megapixel dual lens high-definition camera, as well as Infrastructure Red Front in front of the Front. The phone cost is $ 999 (Rs 1.5 lakhs).

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Details of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus introduced by the appeals were also issued. He said that both of these phones will be available in silver, space gray and new gold fry colors, and they have been used as far as the strongest screen, and also the phones are water proof.

The iPhone 8’s display size is 4.7 inches and 8 plus size is 5.5 inches, with the highest quality speakers in the two phones, whose sound is up to 25% faster than previous models. The next and back camera of both iPhones is 12 megapixel and both of them have a wireless lens facility.

According to Apple, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X booking will start from September 15, while these phones will be available on Apple Stores until September 22. These phones will be available with 64 GB and 256 GB storage, while the iPhone 8 price will be available from $ 699 (73 thousand 657 rupees) and iPhone 8 plus 799 dollars (84 thousand 194).

Apple Watch 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 has also been launched in the ceremony, which uses 3G and 4G cellular technology, which is why the iPhone does not need to be taken clockwise as phone calls can be heard from the clock.

Apple’s watch is waterproof available in different colors. Currently, this watch has only been launched in the UK and the EU, whose reservation will start from September 15 and will be available in Apple Stores since September 22. Cellular service watch price is $399 (42 thousand rupees) and non-cellular service clock $329 (Rs 34 thousand 668).

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